What Can I Do To Lats Long In Bed

I have read that the "kegel exercisizes" are very good for lasting longer in bed. The goal is to strengthen ur PC muscle, but to last longer during sex do u want to b flexing this muscle or trying not to flex the PC muscle during sex??

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Stress, smoking,alcohol and caffeine can all affect your sex life.Or you might just be really turned on by her, which makes you climax quicker. Maybe relaxing during intercourse and not worry about the ending. Also if you feel your getting to excited, clam down go abit slower, or stop and switch to foreplay. Ensure you give her time to catch up and have fun too. Don't forget sometimes its OK to have a quicky ( there meant to be exciting and fast). But other times intercourse can long and very pleasing for both. If your still concerned you can always talk to your doctor. Good luck :)

I suggest you stop worrying about his performance and start focusing on your performance. If you are distracted or frustrated, you're not going to be sexually satisfied. Concentrate on what's going on and what is working for you, and try to make it work. It's not always the guys fault. They get tired and can't think of grandma the entire time. ;)

The Stamina Training Unit (STU) from Fleshlight was engineered expressly to help men learn to last longer in bed. If he can last 10 minutes in the STU, he can last 20 in bed with anyone!

10 minutes of straight intercousre is a good starting goal. It seems much longer during sex. Add that with forplay. Plus you can always get a second chance after the first 30 minutes later

Foreplay is great for meeting a girls needs. Kissing on the neck, gentle nibbling, kissing the ears (sounds weird but really gets her going), gentle sucking on the breasts, get into oral too. It's not as bad as guys like to make it sound (I actually like giving oral). Fingering while making out is great. Grinding. Give her at least 30 minutes of suspenseful foreplay and she'll be very excited when you actually penetrate. Like Bala said, relax. Act like it's not as good as it may seem. Don't get too anxious. It's really not as much of an "OH MY GAWD" moment as you think it might be.

everyone is different but it is not comfortable to have sex for hours on end. why don't you ask your gf if she likes it? it is very easy to get sore and that just ruins sex! instead of a marathon why don't you just finish a diff way, like you said! that's perfectly normal!

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umm this may sound weird but if you handle yourself by hand(if you get my drift) the night or a few hours before you will last longer..

For the people above, it was a freaking JOKE!!!!!!!!!! Like quit being so defensive. I actually found that funny. Although it's true not every girl is like that.

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