How To Last Longer In Bed

We all hear the jokes of guys lasting like 30 seconds then he finished his first time. Is that necessarily true? Is it always bad? Any tips to last longer? Will being able to control yourself when masturbating help you last longer or is it a whole different ballgame? Can any guys share insight on their first time? how long did you last? when did you find a groove and be at stay at that level? and for girls how did it feel to be with a guy who was having sex for the first time? By the way 17 and me and my GF agreed to have sex soon, I just don't want to be bad. and please none of that "Oh...if she loves you it won't matter" stay on subject please. I know it's a lot of questions, anything would be helpful...thanks!!!

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I dont know what kind of men your dating. The must not understand the art of love making. Here is whats wrong with most guys. They think sex is about them, the way i see it, sex is about pleasing the other person. Men concentrate too much on pleasing themselves and forget about the woman. I usually like to please the woman so I do the things that drive them wild. I think if both are turned on well, the time doesn't matter. If done right, it shouldn't be too long and girl will get off before the guy or both at the same time. So men need to stop being selfish.

The way to get him to last long is to give him oral. After he climaxes once.. get him hard again and then go. (Or a handjob but if you love him and you don't mind, go for oral)

I used to have the same problem. The best way to learn how to last longer in bed is to train you ejaculatory relax and your pelvic muscles. These are the muscles that begin contracting and tensing during sex and eventually trigger ejaculation. What many men don’t realize is that when these muscles are in a relaxed state it is physically impossible for you to ejaculate. Learning to relax these muscles during sex is not as simple as it sounds, but all men do have the ability to acquire this skill. The best way is to learn the correct methods and practice. Some of the many techniques you can use to relax these muscles are Correct Breathing, visualization and meditative techniques, learning how to tune into all of your senses (not just your genital region) and training yourself to control you ejaculatory reflex. Using these methods you should start to see result within a few days and be able to completely control these within a month if you work at it. Hope this helps.

Dude, eff your friends. Who cares if your penis has not been inside of a vagina??? Your friends are retarded. You are being paranoid. Sex is not a big deal at all and you probably will last for a while because you sound like you would be too nervous to enjoy it. That Chuck guy above me is a TOTAL moron. Don't listen to him.

I don't have to report you a sex offender. I'm sure the judge will take care of that issue. Turn yourself in and plead guilty. You'll spend less time in jail that way. By the way, you'll be spending your jail time back in Romania. With no job. "i couldn't help it, I'm a man..."??????? There are no words sufficient to describe how much of an EPICALLY weak argument that is.

you get on top. that will slow him down. also, just do it a second time after his 2 minutes (give him 15 minutes to rest).

You don't necessarily have to stop during sex, but have him to withdraw for a moment or two and continue carressing each other's bodies to keep the arousal going. When the orgasm has faded some, that's when he's reenters you and continues. If he allows the orgasm to fade away a few times during sex and masturbation, the muscles that control ejaculation will strengthen, thus resulting in him lasting longer. Hope this helps.

Take a natural pill. You reviews about them at They seem to be the most effective method of lasting longer and they are also safe.

He could have some wine before you get started because alcohol lessens sexual sensitivity in men. Also he can try to think of distracting thoughts while he is doing it in order to hold out. Like about sports or things not relating to sex. Answer my question plz:

become gay. women are more understanding and sincere than men. we actually have hearts. men are heartless. (im not gay. im just going through a tough break up right now)

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