What Are Some Ways I Can Last Longer In Bed

My boyfriend and I have been having sex for about a month now and at first he wasn't good in bed at all and now he is so good. Now he's good and I'm terrible. Usually he is doing all of the work and I feel so inadequate. What can i do to be better and last longer in bed?

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Concentrate your efforts on making HER finish FIRST, then YOU finish second. Your problem is that YOU are too concerned with YOU, and not concered enough with HER. Learn to MAKE LOVE, not just have sex, which is all that youa re doing now. BTW. Kegel exercises take MONTHS to work properly. Not just a week or so.

how long does he last??? cuz if it is REALLY BAD!!! like super bad they make condams that make a guy last longer but i wouldnt reccomen it if he isnt tht bad. me nd my bf used 1 once and he couldnt get off in an hour and a half. we just gave up lol. or all he needs is practice;)

try this http://www.ejaculationsaid.com it's 100% naturally so you will be safe from another reason, I tried that before, and many people make it through

2 days max! And thats if its really bad. i burnt the crap out of the back of my thighs and my butt with a tingling lotion and it was fine less than 2 days later and i was able to tan again comfortably!

Gently put.... You start spanking it, then just at peak stop and don't allow yourself to finish. Teach yourself how to keep control in this manner. That's what a friend of mine did. He said it worked for him.

your only 12... if you're worried about losing your vcard, then why bother having sex with her? she's not suppose to use you for your sex.

The short answer is YES. It is a pyschological effect on the brain. The brain registered that you already had sex, and that your still interested in continuing, this allowing you to last a little longer. Of course you can go ahead and have sex anyway, just do some extra stuff until you can go again. Either way, the effect is the same.

No. Think, if you don't masturbate it makes you hornier, so when you finnaly get sex you get really excited really quickly.... so no it's going to do the opposite. What controls latency time more than anything is the man himself. He has the most control over himself he just as to learn -Connor

You need to make him feel good about it. Constantly touch it and tell him how much you love it. Go down on him alot and he will ask why do you like to go down on me so much and you will answer because i love it and he will tell why tell him cuz it perfect. To make him last longer tell him to let you know when he is going to come and you can stop for a while in order to make him last during you brief intermission he can do something for you that can help you come faster. therefore you can come together. My best advice is be very touchy feely with it and he will start asking why you have been so into it. Also when you suck there penis it get extremely erect and when it does tell him oh my gosh baby it is so big.... Boost his ego its our job as women

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