I Last For So Long In Bed I Dont Want To Its Really Making Me Feel Bad Plz Help

My gf has been complaining that I last only 5 minutes so I want to experiment with more women.

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There's a great scene in "Something About Mary" where Ben Stiller takes the masturbation advice. Truthfully, how quickly you reach climax is related to a lot of factors, but the three biggies are: 1) How comfortable you are; 2) How recently you've climaxed; and 3) How much sensation you're feeling. You can adjust the first factor by doing such things as thinking about Margaret Thatcher naked on a cold day. However, truthfully, this technique has never worked for me and I doubt it really works for many people. If you're having sex with someone you probably feel pretty comfortable. The second factor does play a part. The more recently you've ejaculated, the longer it takes to do so, again. However, if you "clean your chamber" at 8am, you'll most likely be back up to full speed by 8pm. Where this really becomes a factor is in marathon sessions, where you may have sex two, three, or even four times in a relatively short period of time. The third factor is, without a doubt, the easiest one to control. You should work with your partner to find methods that are stimulating to her while being less so for you. Try to vary your rhythm; consistent strokes will bring you home sooner. Experiment with foreplay, so that she is primed before you enter her. You can take breaks where you focus on stimulating her in other ways. There's aparently a place in your anus or in that vacinity, where you can press to "turn back the clock", so to speak. I think this is another way to lower your sensitivity. Use a condom. Another way is to get drunk. Then you'll have a hard time getting aroused, let alone completing. However, I really don't recommend this approach. Good luck.

Yes, prozac made me last a lot longer. Prozac is the weakest of the SSRI drugs so lexapro might be stronger. The good thing about prozac though is that it doesn't kill your sex drive like lexapro can. Give the prozac a month to work.

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I've always found this to work for me....foreplay...foreplay ....foreplay......a little 69 makes everything fine.....then she's warmed up.....you're warmed up and you can both climax hopefully together....

think of baseball! lol listen to the signals of a womens body! let it tell you when to let go, communication/signs / wink! lol

Damn. From all my studying on sun signs, he doesn't sound so much like a male Taurus all that much except the fact that he can be possessive but romantic. Hmm...it sounds like this guy is just weird. Be careful. If he keeps annoying you just ignore him 100%. Its strange and might sound scary but lets hope he doesn't stick around because usually, what a taurus wants, a taurus gets and nothing/nobody can ever escape.

Mix it up! Mix the intercourse with 4 play. You don't have to just go at it until you are done. Have intercourse for awhile, stop and do something that pleases her....oral sex, manual stimulation...make it spicy, hot and romantic and make it last.

Do you really want to have sex for hours? 15-20 minutes is long enough...especially if it is good sex. Tell her that your man is a real man and shut the f up.......

Ok, for a ten year old it is good, but I'm going to be honest, the second part needs a bit of work. Many people will see your age and the quality of writing and tell you it is good (which it is), but they won't give you any tips or point of improvements. I'm not trying to be harsh, but at any age you need to be shown areas to improve in otherwise you will carry on writing as you are and making the same mistakes. The first part was good. A couple of spelling mistakes and errors (words joined together), but overall it was well written. The second part was well written, but some bits of the story need some work. For a start when she wasn't breathing she could not have possibly spoken so maybe change that to barely breathing and then saying that and dying. I also think maybe things happened a little too quickly and you just need to add a bit more detail. I don't understand why he just killed himself - or why he even had the knife. I think maybe you need to explain that more or change it a bit. When the neighbour came in I do not think they'd remove the dagger - it would look bad on their part (as though they murdered him or just changing the crime scene). I also think you'd be a little more shocked at seeing such an a scene before you, although the first concern would be the child. She is a very good neighbour to just take in the child like that. Later on you may wish to explain why she was so happy to do so. I don't get why she would cut herself just to have something to swear upon, but maybe explain that later as well. It is just not a normal thing to do, especially not in that situation (two dead bodies in the room and a baby in your arms). Still, it seems to be an original idea so good luck with writing it. The more you practice the better you'll become.

You probably suffer from premature ejaculation, so try inserting your manhood all the way in and only move it in and out a couple inches. The tip of a male penis is the most sensative part and when it rubs the vaginal lips it stimulates you more which makes you go premature. she will still be getting her pleasure while the tip of your manhood is not stimulated as quickly. You also must be getting yourself aroused before you have sex which will make you go faster. you need to change the thaughts in your head also. It could also be caused by the anxiety you have before sex because you expect to only last a couple minutes. there are many factor that cause this problem these are just a few. I suggest getting the book ejaculation guru.

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