The Third And Last Joke Before This Night Owl Goes To Bed

my husband doesn't last as long as he did before in bed...i need to know how can i help him out or if there is some tipe of pill to help with that. its not me...cuz he can't take his hands off me.

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some would say that you are lucky but you need to get the girl to give you lots of oral stimulation or whatever beforehand (i do this for my boyfriend and it works) obviosly the girls are not doing their bit, have a quiet word and if they are true they will agree to do it ( and maybe even like it) lol i know i do! dont worry hun, its not a problem of yours, be very grateful for it some guys would give their right arm for what you have! Good luck!

This is always going to be a problem and it will only get worse. It's good that this is coming out now while he's still your fiance and not your husband. You need to move on. It's true that vaginal orgasms are a tricky thing....but they do happen when there is plenty of foreplay and the man can last more than a few minutes. This is a dealbreaker in my book

your fine..not many people last 30-40 min. sex gets tiring for both people you have nothing to worry about..just mix it up each time.

Of course longer is better, but sometimes men cant handle it if tha female can put in work for a long period of time! I think its amazing when you start sexin around 11 pm and you dont stop till about 2-3 am! WOOOW I mean even if you climax if tha lady isnt done all she has to do is get you ready again and there you go! Sex is always better longer remember tha!

The book "the tao of health, sex, and longevity" by Daniel P Reid has a chapter on ejaculation control. Be advised that, if you read that book, that reabsorving sperm from inside a woman's vagina is the way to become a demond according to another author. All the info in that book is great, just beware of that part. You can probably search for a youtube video called exercise for better sex. Good core muscles are escential. Kegils are also important for ejaculation control. Knowing about the point of no return during sex is also very important. Escentially you have a series of involuntary spasms when you come. If you go love song slow, it will be much easier to stop when you feel the first of such contractions. Deep breathing is also helpful. In theory you could go forever if you went slow and breathing deeply all the way. I understand if you have been influenced by pornography and such speed seems impossible. Watch for cues: is your breath normal? If not, slow down or you'll come. Is your heartbeat norma? Same applies. P.S. masturbating before sex diminishes the quality of sex. You last longer, but it's just not as pleasurable.

There is no time limit for women. You are not like a man that once he reaches his climax he goes soft. You are the energizer rabbit... You can go for as long as you can stand it...

No, masturbating regularly actually makes you last longer than you otherwise would. You could practice Kegels -- that might help -- however, it is nothing to be embarrassed by and, as Kinsey proved, 70% of straight men c*m within 2 minutes of penetration. Manually and orally satisfy her so that she is orgasming before you penetrate -- then c*m as soon as you are ready. You will both be happier. Kind thoughts, Hermes

possibly too much foreplay? tell him to slow down and take his time... stop rushing to get to the coo coo it aint goin no where

Masturbating will "squeeze out that easy one" (I know, it sounds gross). This means, if you can continue to have sexual relations after ejaculating, you will last much longer than you did first. Also, try going slower, and stopping to change positions.

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