How Can I Make It Last Longer Men Help Me Out

I'm just taking these to get my blood flowing again plus I just asked someone about is it safe to take both the other day and they told me both are good for erectile dysfunction and make you last longer in bed and I had no clue it does that because that's not what I'm taking it for only to get my blood flowing.

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I think it's based off what you're thinking about while in the act. You said it yourself, you're thinking about going harder and faster and boom you're finished. Focus on the pleasure, rather than the performance. Change it up a little while you're doing it, slow down a little, and pay attention to how your partner responds. It's probably something you'll have to practice at. It's good you're thinking about how to be better. While quickies definitely have their time and place, i'm sure your partner would appreciate a longer performance.

While you have brought up excellent points, my spiritual upbringing has taught me that God created man, and yes, while there are many differences in men and women, God created man with the ability to NOT GIVE IN to tempations! Temptations are there to TEST US and help us grow as individuals!!!!!!!!!!!! There is NEVER and excuse to go outside the marital relationship........for women, or for MEN!!!! If you want (or think you may want, sometime down the road) more than one sexual partner, YOU SHOULDN'T GET MARRIED!

When he wants to get rough, just get on top and go buck wild on him. That way, he gets his rough sex but you control the thrust.

practice...try not so much to think about the situation when your doing it and if you cum that easy then you need to focus on something else just dont let her know your not paying attention to her, whatever you do dont listen to her moans lol...try foreplay if you can go through touching and kissing without busting a load you can prob last longer than you think! goodluck :)

Just take your time, do a lot of foreplay, and if you feel you're going to ejaculate- pull out and try more foreplay or different position. Your first time will usually be quick, most first timers are. But as you get older and more used to your partner, you can work out what's best for you both. Most first times suck, but you can say " screw it, we'll do better next time" Don't feel like you have to perform like a show pony :)

How often do you go at it? He'll last a lot longer the second and third time. He needs to learn how to pace himself and you need to have sex with him a lot more often and not criticism him so much about it. It's just as much your fault for not getting off quicker; if we want to we can be both done in about five minutes. He does need to learn to detect 'the point of no return' and stop for a minute or even switch back to oral for a while. If you expect him to get you off from penetration... unless you know from the past that you're good to go like that, a lot of women just do not orgasm from intercourse alone.

Both of you would benefit from incorporating some tantric practices into your sex. There's many great websites and books out there; definately do a search for "tantra" on Yahoo.

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