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About 9 months ago my girlfriend and I started having sex, and after about a month we got really good at it. We could last for hours and hours without having to stop or anything. But about 2 months ago I suddenly couldn't last. I would last about 5 minutes before I got too close to cumming and I'd have to stop and pause, and when we'd start up again it would be even faster than the first time. I don't understand what is going on. And I've already looked up ways to "Lengthen Time in Bed" so I'm not looking for those. Just maybe reasons why this is suddenly happening to me. We're both 18 and she is on the pill, so I don't use a condom. When these problems started happening I tried using one a few times but it didn't help that much. Any ideas on what is going on?

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k you hae to not think about having sex at all. look at posters on the walls or think about sports for at least ten minutes don't acknowledge the fact that your having sex. then after you feel likes its been long enough then you can enjoy it.

People have the weirdest fetishes. In other words, yes she is mad. And if you, at 25, can be comfortable doing what you did, and consider continuing this crazy practice then you too, are mad. Bear in mind relationships go to hell all the time and if you and the pee-pee chick break up you have to train yourself all over again before you sleep with someone else. And I guess she throws away the sheets.

Have him train himself by masturbating and stopping just before cumming, waiting until the urge comes down then doing it again. Repeat the process and it should help.

Right this ones easy! 4 things! 1. Think less raunchy thoughts 2. Wear a condom 3. Have a few pints (not too many) 4. Throw one out before hand Good luck!

nerves can be the reason why you have such a quick orgasm. you could try masturbating before you actually have sex. this should help with making you last longer.. if you find this is not working, maybe consult your doctor about it. there may be another issue. and do not be shy about having to see a doctor about it. they have literally heard and seen it all.

I do say leave him, I'm currently going thur something like this. yes it does hurt to be at family functions without your husband or boyfriend. It will only get worse if you stay so I feel you need to get out now. Things sound like they won't change. Give each other space and see what happens. Hope everything works out.

He doesn't sound that experienced. Are you guys using condoms? I hope so, but if not add a condom, if you are using condoms add a second one. It will lessen his sensation and make him last longer. Also you need to talk to him, tell him when he feels like he is getting too close you guys need to change positions. If these suggestions don't work you could have him help you climax before intercourse through manual or oral stimulation that way even if you don't climax during you're already taken care of.

practice, practice, practice. I was about the same when i first met my gf but we had a lot of sex and I started to last much longer, usually. Now that I can do it for 15-20 minutes or so, she doesnt want to have sex anymore, says that it was new and exciting when we first met but has gotten old and routine and boring i guess now. Go figure.

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u need to go to a adult book store they sell oils there that u put on u or your hubby,n they work had the same trouble with my hubby,,and u can even eat these oils,my oldest daughter told me about them,they go there a lot,,good luck,,,peace

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Is This Funny Bobs Last Letter

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