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Basically, this is an honest, genuine question. (I will ignore all spam replys) I want to last longer in bed. I literally last 30 seconds, once I put my thing, into my girlfriends. I'm old enough, and I've always lasted 30 seconds. Any pills that work? None of this ACAI or w/e stuff. Cheers.

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1- If he's experienced it's a lot less awkward. 2- Sex can last as long as you want it too, but it's like working out so it's not like you're going to go on for hours on end. Foreplay is a lot of fun and it lightens the mood and gets you both excited and aching to have sex. 3- I like giving oral because I have complete control over him :) 4- First time didn't hurt because I fingered myself a lot and played with myself with toys and had bled from that, so I didn't bleed and I wasn't tight at all. Hope that helped

I think you should cancel the trip. A two day trip with someone you have never met is a bit fast even if you did not have herpes. Go a little slower is my advice.

Hey man remember you have masterbating down to an Art! lmao i can make myself jizz in 2 minutes but in bed i last like 45 minutes... which is kind of annoying actually. but thats got nothing to do with it. I do alot of cardio exercises and im guessing the only good it did me is being able to survive that 45min - hour of going at it. Girls will like that tho

Dude its all about control, masturbating does help you last long but you have to control the muscle in your penis so when you about to go hold it back control. Its all about the mind. When your sitting watchn tv exercise it think about your girlfriend in a good outfit that makes you pumped and stiffin that muscle. Using a condom or 2 will dampen the feel of of you in her and make it less stimulating.

ok dude here is some tips: 1. For example, you can withdraw your penis from her vagina and stop thrusting for a few moments during lovemaking. This will let your arousal drop and you can then re-enter her and continue making love. Though simple, this is one of the most effective ways of learning how to last longer in bed. 2. Another method is to withdraw from her vagina and then to press on your perineum - the area between your scrotum and anus. There's one particular spot where pressure will help you to stop ejaculating - obviously it is easier to do this if you have the help of your partner. It may take a while to find the exact spot, but when you do the decrease in your desire to ejaculate may be considerable. 3. Let her enjoy woman on top sex and sex may last for a long time. Pelvis thrusting when you are in the missionary position can really speed up your arrival at orgasm. Conversely, when she's on top, she can get maximum pleasure, by altering the angle of her vagina to suit herself, while your penis receives much less stimulation. The same is true of side by side sex positions. Obviously this is a great help in lasting longer.

I would like to think I've given it a good try - but I'm hopeless at refusing sex when the girl comes on to me, so probably not!

You were just tiered and you just had what I myself call them "micro flashes", I am not familiar with this "five-hour energy shoots" . But these shots may have induced this effect. Please do not worry and do not use these shots. Please read my article on the related subject , it may throw some light, have you read Da Vichy's code lately if so it may have made you have these type of dream, or any such subjects, I also note that you have some knowledge of, "Lord of the rings" . Any way do not worry and do not get exhausted, exhaustion can bring on such micro flashes. **************** It is a common dream. Base of these type of dream is in fear of loosing grip on various situations, in your life, In one word "anxiety". You may have many subconscious anxieties. Please read my articles on related subjects. ********************** Flolowing articles were written by me in an answer to various, Q? asked by others, I believe you can benifit from them if you read them between the lines. 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Some men just can't last long, and some can. Your man might be one of the few that can't last long. This doesn't mean he can't please you in other ways... Sorry to say this, but he said "Vagina's are ugly". He actually said that??? He closes his eyes when he goes down on you, and that they are gross.... Okay this may be harsh to hear, but either your man is in the closet or he's completely clueless. I am not sure how old you guys are, but this just doesn't sound like a "GUYS' GUY". Most men like to please their women and give them oral sex, (yes not all the time), but they enjoy watching their women squirm for more. A man also NEVER and I mean NEVER says a vagina is "ugly" and or doesn't like to touch it. Sex is a big part of a relationship; and if he is not satisfying your needs, don't resort to cheating either talk it out and if things can't change then you have a choice to make here. I understand the rest of your relationship is good, but this will definitely cause problems in the long run, and you don't want to spend your time wasted on a man that can't satisfy you. It sounds to me like you already tried helping him out and giving him hints as to what you like, and it seems to me like he isn't getting it. Either live with the fact that he can't satisfy you every time or move on and find a man that will. A man who is attentive in bed is a man you want around for a long time, a man who doesn't care and calls your vagina "ugly", feels it's gross and doesn't like touching it, is a man you have to truly question?!! Good luck xo, kristin nicole If you have any questions please contact me on my website I am going to post your question on my site.

Well, I'm a girl but I'm still going to answer. The best thing for her to do, is when you are about to cum, make her lay off and then start back. It makes the orgasm so much better. Ask her to tease you, and to not go down on you so quick. I like it when you can foreplay for around 20 minutes, and then when you have sex the orgasm is indescribable. If you aren't ready for sex though, then just wait for the right time. Also, make sure you use protection.

You obviously turn him on very much. Do you two have a large amount of foreplay before the actual penetration? If so, He is probably so excited from pleasuring his hot wife, that he cant hold back anymore. I think you have two viable options here. Either see a doctor(It may be a physical problem), or have him masturbate before you two actually have intercourse. This will take the edge off and have him last a little longer. If he still ejaculates fast, then you have a physical problem. Go see a doc.

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