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What would help to make a guy at age 16 to last longer in bed? or also called premature ejaculation? any medication or strategies that work? THANKS to those that answer

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I actually read about this the other day... don't ask me why, since i'll never use it as a lesbian, hahaha. Right before he's about to come, stop what you are doing and make him stop as well. Build this up gradually so he's able to hold off on it for longer. You could even make it a challenge- If he comes, you're done for a while (for the night, for a few hours, whatever works).

1. have lots of foreplay 2. have oral sex, if he gives you it you will get alot of enjoyment 3. when he feels nearing to ejaculate get him to stop and wait a few seconds then start again and repeat it whe he is nearing to ejeculate again hope i helped a bit lol = ]

the best thing to do is to be sure not make it seem like a big deal. The more it is an issue the more he will have a complex about it. Controlling ejaculation isn't the easiest thing, but if you are worried about it (performance anxiety) it becomes worse. It is tough for younger guys, but you can work on it as a couple. Don't kid him about it, but help him work on it. Trojan makes condoms that are a little thicker and have a desensitizing cream inside. You may want to look into those, as he sees that he can last longer with those, he will naturally be able to do it without them. I had a little issue with it when I was younger and those were certainly the key. A lot of foreplay can help because the first sensation wont be so overwhelming.

He is doing that because your allowing him to. You have to take control of this situation and be in charge. Push him on his back and get on top of him, that way you can control all the action and be able to observe his progress, when he is close to reaching his peak, reach down and grab his testicles, this will decrease his need to orgasm, tell him not to orgasm until your done with him, be the boss and get the results that you desire. He will thank you later and be willing to let you take charge every time. Good luck.

my guy takes "breathers" when he starts to feel close... he will just stop and take a deep breath, then get back to work :) Or, try changing positions to something that isn't extremely pleasurable for you... like maybe girl on top.

I would get something like Num-Ze-dent or some other kind of desensitizing cream so he can retrain himself to last longer

If yu Suck his d*** during Oral.. Then try using hot water or even ice.. in your mouth placing only the tip of his penis in your mouth along with the hot water/ ice and sucking hard while slowly drinking or spitting little of the water out at a time...

Here's a trick that's actually fun: switch positions often. You won't have enough repetitive motion to go off and she'll be rolling by the time you hit the grand finale. Have fun. :)

I don't know any woman that wants intercourse to last more than 30 minutes tops. Now the whole sexual experience...that's a different story. A majority of women do not reach orgasm through intercourse. Your best bet is to learn how to satisfy a woman in other ways(oral or manual stimulation of the clitoris) before intercourse. Intercourse is just icing on the cake for women. So whether its 5 minutes or 20 minutes. As long as she has an orgasm before that...You're golden!

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