How To Make Him Last

sometimes i can keep going, but other times i ejaculate way before she does

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3-4 Min is quite Avg time for men.Thats not too fast....well...there are many guys who can last even lesser than that(but they do not admit). Its better that let you BF lick you and make you cum on his face once before he enters you so that for the next 3-4 Min..chances would be you would also tend to cum with him. He can also use the "start and Stop" technique...that really helps....

This is a great question.........:) On the doctors, they said take long strokes so that you don't stimulate the head too much. He should masturbate before you have sex. Then you should tell him to pretend he is trying to poop. ( but DONT poop). Tell him to do male keegles. (Stopping urine flow after it has started) Sounds crazy, but the source of the info is listed below. Good luck

It really depends on the guy. It's as much psychological as it is physical. In one study it found the average ejaculation time was both in the six minute range for both circumcised and uncircumcised guys. It appears the extra sensitivity had very minimal impact in duration time. You can research it more here:

Slow down and take your time, use more foreplay. Take a breather and then start again. Males like to prolong sex and love making as long as possible. They want to enjoy the thrills.Once they climax it's over. Once they hit that high of climaxing, many will just stop. But then again some males can last for 3 or 4 hours. In my younger days I could do it for many hours. Don't take as offensive, just an honest answer to your question.

You can get condoms with a mild anesthetic in them to make the penis less sensitive, therefore making it last longer. Also, get him to think of something else while he's doing it; that sounds weird but it works. Thats why you always see porn stars looking up at random times- because they're imagining the most non sexual thing they can think of ha ha. Hope this helped :)

Tanning bed tans generally do last longer and are darker, but look far less natural. I personally am strongly against tanning beds, they are costly, dangerous, and not nearly as fun as just being active outside or going to the beach.

The line has probably got to be drawn somewhere especially if he is curious about body parts and the boby parts of his little schoolmates. The little guy's morning visits are probably putting a damper on you and your spouse's love life. Get him a little book that is appropriate for his age explaining about the differences of our bodies,I 'm sure there are some books out there for just this sort of thing.

Foreplay is very important. Stimulate the vaginal or G-spot and you will be good to go. She might have a two orgasm. She'll love to death.

Generally you change how long a guy can last in sex by changing how long it takes before he ejaculates. You need to sort of have practice with him, where don't let him ejaculate after he reaches the stage where he is about to, so many times. Over time this should increase how long it takes before he gets off, but as for quick fixes... I'm not sure there are any and if there are google may be the best place for you.

stretch.i know some moves that you can do to make him have an orgasim faster,even if he is in control.depending on your position,ofcourse.

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