I Need Help In Bed Plz

I just wanted to ask something. When i a guy is trying to last longer in sex is that unhealhty, holding it in like that. I read somewhere that if you hold semen in, or try not to ejaculate that its unhealthy. But i could have misinterpreted it. Wouldn't that mean trying to last longer in the bed is unhealthy. Im pretty sure i already know the answer but i just wanted some clearing up.

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all i can think of is have sex more often. idk if it is this way with all guys but the second time around my boyfriend tends to last longer. practice makes progress. the more practice he gets the more time hell have to learn to hold it. hope things get better for you!

Tell him to jake off 10 minutes before u guys have sex it works i promise... well it worked when my boyfriend at the time had that problem then he did that and the time jus got longer and longer...

If he is selfish in bed then ask him to finger you while you stroke his penis, that way you both get what you want. And hopefully, he will eventually learn to go a little longer so you can get your orgasm

oh heck yeah! i would so say foreplay, its fun and really gets your girl into the mood. also, try using a condom, if you don't want to, take it slow. then when you are both ready GO FULL BOAR! have fun!!

i'm a woman so not tried this out personally but i have been told that if a guy masturbates not too long before he intends to have sex he will last longer! Condoms of the thicker kind may also make it last longer ... Perosnally i dont mind a guy who is 'quick' at the penetration as long as he gives lots of time in ther est of it all so dont worry too much !

Hi Dl I understand what you are saying and sympathise with your problem. I believe your best option is longer foreplay with your gf. Delay entry until she is nearing her climax. When you sense she is near, then enter & finish off. This should be good for you both. It may take a few times to get it right, but you will get there & this option will keep her happy. All the best.

You can try the start and stop technique:works like this:as soon as you feel you are about to come :stop moving and cool down:then restart and go on:you can do this a very long time and also do some foreplay in between Success:Colors

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