Has Anybody Went From A Quick Ejaculator To Being Able To Last Long In Bed

HOw to last longer in bed

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you just need to pace yourself...with teasing and go slowly really building it up.and then at the end you should last a while.

Don't worry about lasting longer. Just relax and enjoy. Does he rub your clitoris? Kiss and taste you down there? That will certainly help to arouse you, and give you miltiple orgasms.

Ok well I'll answer this the best i can from a females point of view. From what I've observed over the years (lol) is that all guys are different. Most guys that haven't been having sex for very long will cum pretty quickly. Make the most of foreplay, most girls are more satisfied with the foreplay than they are with the actual sex. Also women can have multiple orgasms so if your worried about not pleasing her while having sex, then do it during the foreplay, that way if you do cum quickly again, at least you have satisfied her too :D After a while it will start to last a bit longer, and there are cool little toys that can help you out too. Seriously, don't be afraid to talk to people in adult shops, they know ALOT and i can guarantee they have heard weirder questions than this one. Hope this helped!!

This could be due to a lot of things. First of all make sure he masturbates a few hours before he comes to bed with you. It may not seem like it would help but it actually will dull some sensations for him and keep him going longer. The anticipation for sex can sometimes be the thing that gets a guy going so much that he gets his rocks off way before you. Also, he can always go downstairs and get you worked up to give you yours before he gets his. This works for a lot of couples. Sometimes when a woman knows they're about to climax the guy can slip up and finish her off and within a few minutes finish himself off as well. Don't think that this sort of thing is uncommon because it isn't. It happens all the time and it has nothing to do with him being inadequate. You might also try to make your intimate times more frequent. If he's only getting with you once or twice a week than the anticipation might be blowing his pipes before he gets too far along. Good luck and I hope this helps!

Men have sex independently of "liking" you. If he liked you, he will ask you out. If he did not, then he won't. The first night sex did not "ruin" your chances.

just pull out or slow down whenever u think u might come... lol and if ur of reasonable fitness u should be able to last a long time

You have not indicated you age.Your problem may be just psychological.Normally position should not change duration too much.You have to see a sexologist.

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