I Would Like To Know How Not To Cum Quick Can Anybody Tell Me The Secret

my hubby & i been married 3 mo. we use to have the best sex life before he started his new job. now he works over 80hours a week sometimes even 95 (he's a dr.) and he says he's too tired to have sex and i feel like it's me. i mean i work 60 hrs a week at a more stressful job (lawyer), workout 10 hours/wk, clean the house, laundry, dishes, cook and i'm tired too but not tired enough for sex considering we've been married 3 mo. when we do have sex he only last 30 seconds, so i know he's not getting it from anywhere else b/c he use to last long time. when he comes to bed he falls asleep in 30 seconds but will also play xbox everyday too so i feel like it's me please help.

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tease, tease, tease, dont hurry up and start doing it.. just do other things.. add a little you know into it and do like forplay for a bit and then go backk too yeahh hahaaha

I have been married to a man for 37 years and he has a knack of making girls flirt with him .He is nearly 60 now and he has had a few affairs along the way but hes still flirting .It used to really upset me when my friends said he would never stop , and they were right .Im not saying your b/f will always flirt but its a possibility Do you think you can cope with this type of behavior , if not either nip it in the bud or leave .Try to find out way he feels the need to make you jealous , good luck

their are good people out there who wouldn't cheat! you cant decide by hearing all the horror stories. yes cheating happens,but it might not happen . you cant stop someone from cheating,you just have to find someone With great morals who would never do such a horrible thing, life is about taking chances,and if you have decided not to have a relationship,well you may miss out on life

Maybe suggest masturbation to him in order to help him gain some sex stamina. I know masturbation has helped me last longer in bed. :-]

Kudos to you for attempting to be an attentive lover. If you two are comfortable doing so, you should consult a physician about what positions may put less pressure on her injury. Also, take the time to ask her about what she enjoys the most and focus on doing that. For what it is worth, some women do not like guys who last a long time.

BS. Try controlling ejaculation during masturbation. That will help you during sex to achieve multiple orgasms.............I am not aware of any ill-effects of masturbation..........unless that is the only activity you do on a full time basis. LOL!

It's not a technique I have ever heard of. Is this something you do on your own, or does it involve the girlfriend as well? If so I would think she would laugh so much that you might decide it was not such a great idea.

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