I Used To Last Long In Bed But Recently I Canamp39t Go More Than 5 Minutes Why

Ok i got some different answers but what im looking for is any exercizes or any type of practice i can do before i do have sex to help out? please let me know =/

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baby girl, once he'd cheated, you'll always have that seeded in your head about trust issue. you're vary analytical which is great. it means that you're able to see the problem or relationship from a third point of view. also you're very young to start things over again. just don't worry about that. do what is good for you and your kids; these two things are very important. if you decided to marry the player, see it. picture what i would be like. i know it's hard to leave your comfort zone. but you're not happy with your current situation, right? so, do the right thing, see it clearly; do what an analytical person would do.

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A condom will help with the sentive nature of what you are doing. Also the more he practices the better his control. It does take time.

read this....If it doesn't help I don't know what will. http://sexuality.about.com/od/anatomyresponse/ht/controlprematur.htm

No, it will not make you last longer in bed, quite the opposite. As you would have a great deal of sexual tension built up, more than likely you would have an immediate orgasm. Masturbation is a normal and healthy activity. It relieves sexual tension, and helps to keep the prostate healthy and reduces the chance of prostatic cancer in later life. When the prostate isn't relieved by a regular sexual outlet, whether through actual sex, or masturbation, it becomes irritated and inflamed, and years of this will increase the likelihood of prostatitis and cancer. You can't get an STD from masturbation, and it can actually help to make you last longer during sex, as you learn to recognize and control the signs of an impending orgasm, and slow down or stop to time your sexual experience and learn to control your body. Masturbation usually diminishes or eliminates wet dreams, and personally, I would rather be awake to enjoy the orgasm, rather than wake up with messy sheets. The body will expel excess semen, sooner or later. Good luck to you.

practice, practice, practice. Bring yourself up to but not over several times each time you masterbate and you will get the hang of it.

i notice some say take a way the thoughts and do dumb stuff like smoke or drink. no its easy er, masturbation is by far the easy way. you learn your body and when in intercourse you are able to "control" what happens there is a muscle in your penis (cant think of the name) its the one that you use when you "holds it" your pee muscle. most men when in intercorse hold this muscle making the penis more firm and pleasurable, if you relax it you should increase "time in bed" and if you keep it relaxed (and its hard to) you ll have a weak organism which in turn, causes the "penis cool down" to be shorter and you can get and other erection, sooner. the more you masturbate the less sensitive you ll be.

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I Used To Last Long In Bed But Recently I Canamp39t Go More Than 5 Minutes Why

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