Boyfriend Lasts Too Long In Bed

my husband RELEASES really early what can i do for that!

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put a little orajel and i mean areal small amount on the underside of your penis's head this is the sensitive area and with just a small amout should reduce the sesitivity enough to help you last longer.

suck his wang til he jizzes. then get him up again and do your thang! it gets harder for the dude to jizz a second time after they already let loose a big load

sweetheart he's your teacher ( like he told you what happens at the trip stays at the trip) you were suppose to leave that behind, he's your teacher not boyfriend, by the way how old are you, that would explain alot never try to pursue something that's not pursueable, you can't date your teacher nor talk to him in such a way, he could go to jail for a long time, and lose his career- he's crazy for risking that

get him to give you oral til you orgasm a few times then have sex with him. at least if he doesn't last long you'll have already been satisfied. this is what i do and i've never had a complaint (mind you, most girls i'm with also orgasm when we're having sex too) please answer mine:;_ylt=Al3ZDkF_zVkPr6S3rAQl2l7AFQx.;_ylv=3?qid=20081209115906AAMVCLo

the short answer is have more foreplay before u engage in intercourse. there is lots u can do besides the actual act and it is all natural.

Try using two condoms. This reduces the friction to your penis, and makes it possible to last longer. My boyfriend has this problem, too :)

It's fine to give Calpol for teething when he needs it, you'll probably find that he doesn't need it every day but even if he did it's fine. I followed the advice on the bottle to consult a doctor and my GP told me that it really only applies to Calpol being given for a fever or unexplained pain to make sure people take their child to the doctor to get it checked out. Teething pain isn't an unexplained pain so it's okay. My son is cutting his back teeth at the minute and there have been some nights where he's been in so much pain that he's had 5ml of Calpol and then two hours later 5ml of Nurofen For Kids (they don't counteract each other so it's fine to space them that way). It's not good to give medicine all of the time for the slightest little thing, but honestly it's the best thing for teething pain. Teething rings and powders and cold flannels and everything are okay for when it's mild but when they're teething hard to the point that they're crying in pain and can't sleep then Calpol does the job of stopping the pains.. Calpol isn't poison. One of my friends nagged me for weeks about me giving my son Calpol and how it was unnatural and wrong, but I'd rather give my son Calpol or Nurofen than see him in pain.

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Boyfriend Lasts Too Long In Bed

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