Help My Son Caught Me In Bed With My Boyfriend

My boyfriend and I always you protection, but I wish my boyfriend can last longer in bed. We have used the regular trojan latex condoms, we did try her pleasure, and the long lasting ones. The long lasting ones still dont work on my there some way he can last longer and what condoms are the best when it comes to pleasure?

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Your friend is telling you lies. But if you want to last a little longer, try grinding side to side or round and round, instead of going in and out. The grinding will stimulate her clitoris to the max, and you will be not so much stimulated. That will make a BIG change.

definitely the 1st one..It's sexy and mysterious =D then the 2nd one and the 3rd one I don't like it much because it is combined with food and i would like the characters to meet in a tention just like the first =D

At that age he has to get his first shot off...then he can calm down and it will last longer...but if it still isnt helping then he will just have to give it to u 4 or 5 times aday...beleive me..ull get tired of it..most women do..

Okay, as your doing it, more and more you'll feel like your about to c*m, think of the alphabet and say it in your head, think of something else so that you get your mind off c**ming.

Sex doesn't last all that long in general, hon. What draws it out is foreplay. The actual act is usually over in 5 minutes or less. If you want to last longer, try masturbating earlier in the day. Other than that, you'll just have to wait until you're older to be able to hold out for longer. The teenage sex drive is artificially inflated, and you'll settle into your adult libido sometime in your 20s.

my first shot...i made it about a while but i was drunk...10-15 is fine for a newby, no worries man...but if you rub one out (by yourself) prior then you will last longer

Think of something sweet and nice to say during the hug. That way, it won't be awkward when you keep hugging until you're finished talking. Just say something simple and sweet, like "You know, I really enjoy the time we spend together. I'd love to get to know you better."

first def don't pressure him, it will cause anxiety and he'll last even less, also try and get him work ing out or involved in yoga. it will increase his stamina and help calm him

Hon, he'll most likely improve with experience. If not, work with him. Tell him that you need some foreplay and suggest that he do certain things to you before you make love. Don't criticize after his weak performance, suggest as it begins. Explain to him that your physical needs are very different than his and that his wham, bham, thank you ma'am does little for you. There's techniques that can be used here although I don't think I could describe them without being reported for a violation of the codes they use here. But work together with him on this issue and things could work out very well. Good luck!

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