My Husband Used To Last Longer

i dont seriously dont know what it is. but im getting tired of it. i dont know what to do! im talking about so short you couldnt even believe it! calling him a minute man is being wayyy to nice. im venting because im tired of it but i care about him and i dont want us to break up over sex. in 7 months the longest time we;ve ever had sex was 3 mins. i swear. the excuses i used to believe in the beginning but after 7 months it's getting out of hand, he's one of those italian jersey guidos and he used to take steriods and i thought okay maybe that might be it, then he pulled a muscle and he hasnt worked out since november and it seems like it got worse! then he says it's because im "good" and im the first black girl he's ever been with and i always think in my mind that's b.s! foreplay is awesome so i dont understand! i dont want to cheat but omg! i cant take it! i've tried sooo much and even dif positions but it's all the same! do you think it could be a medical problem? helpppppp! and advice, lol - jesus that was funny.

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it seems like ur a virgin. dont sweat it. il answer ur questions. but just remember, that for everyone its different. both for the girl AND the guy. this is just MY personal opinion here ok? 1. he makes u feel relaxed, and comfortable. you can trust him while he ehem.. enters u. he initiates communication ("u like that babe?") so that he wont hurt u, and to know what feels good for u 2. foreplay DEFINETLY helped for me. when i lost my virginity (the guy kenw this) so he took time. the sex lasted for about 3hrs but the first two was all foreplay. he slowly undressed me, kissed my neck, tickled me etc. and made sex fun for me 3. i dont mind giving oral sex. its not the BEST part of sex coz personally i like to get all the attention, but if it makes my guy happy il do it for him. its definetly awkward at first, having something with such width in ur mouth, but read his bodylanguage and please, do NOT use ur teeth (unless hes the odd one that likes it). if u dont feel comfortable giving him oral, tell him. or, ask him to teach u. (in my experience - a lot of guys luv that) 4. it didnt hurt as much as i thought it would. when he first entered, i gasped, but he took his time, and watched me/ my reaction to see if he could step things up. tell him it hurts, right away if it does, and he'll undrstand and hopefully slow down (not all guys do - they get caught up). i think it all depends on the guy. so if ur "planning to" loose ur viginity, choose the guy wisely. theres no need to rush. i mean, u wouldnt want to regret ur first time, right? i hope that helps.

When you masturbate you are in control of your orgasm, for the most part. When you are with someone else, almost everything is out of your hands, literally. It usually will take longer with someone else- simply because of the "other" involved in the process. With good communication, you and your partner will be able to do things that feel good to you and to them in order to achieve a pleasurable experience for both that lasts for a long time with a very pleasing climax at the end.

There are actually 2 issues at work here: Suspension - and other users. Suspension: Suspensions very rarely happen due to a single violation, unless it is an especially egregious one. Which yours does not seem to be. However, what is your history of violations on the site? Have you had other violation notices as well? A number of them. If so, were others also of a sexual nature? All of this would have been investigated prior to the suspension and taken into consideration. Another factor would be the consequences of your question. While your question was not that out of line, the ANSWERS it might have elicited would have to have been. So, the question might very well have been considered to be 'trolling' - specifically posted to elicit answers that were violations in order to report them. Other users: This is an issue many folks do not understand. Just because other users post 'worse' things on the site does not give anybody the right to post things that break the rules. The other users will, most likely, get caught and suspended or get violation notices as well, along the way. You just might not notice it. And even if not, again, this does not give us a free hand. Try explaining to the cop that is giving you a ticket that he should NOT do that because the cars around you were going faster than you were - and they did not get caught. Not likely to work with the cop; definitely does not work here, sorry. Bottom line: If that one question really was your only violation, I would appeal both the question and the suspension. Otherwise, if you do have a history of violations that failed on appeal, I'd be inclined to let it go and take the lesson to heart on your new account.

Helping him before and then wait for second round is good... if you are sure there is going to be a second round. Condoms help. Specially if they are thick. Alcohol helps... if not too much and then he can't be aroused. But probably your problem is that you need more time, so if he helps you first and then by penetration you are already in your way, it want be such a problem if he doesn't last much.

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When your close to coming, try to not focus on climaxing, as hard as it is. Also, if you are masturbating, when you feel you are about to climax, stop. Then after about a minute, start masturbating again, that helps.

when you about to c-u-m stop humpin or pull out for a few seonds and then go again, keep doin this a few times before you allow yourself to c-u-m and you should then be more satisfied wen you let yourself and your partner will also be more satisfied

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