How Long Do Most Guys Last In Bed

I've been told to last longer in bed, you should masturbate before you do it. Is this true? Or are there other techniques to last longer?

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The feeling of orgy will keep man in sexual act. To maintain such emotion of wanting sex the longer, one has to take aprosidiac. try taking fish liver oil 1 hour before bedding a female. It is called Esqualene capsule. Take it twice a month after waking up.

Perhaps ypu can give each other nice relaxing massages. This site has a guide to online massage therapy. This is a step-by-step guide. It would have two significant benefits. Firstly, it would relax you both. Secondly, it would lead to sex between you both being more relaxed. Best wishes to you both.

Is what you're really asking--How can I reach orgasm if he only lasts 10-15 minutes? With the pain, I'm surprised you want to have sex. Try masturbation. You have your orgasm first, then take care of him.

Tanning bed tans generally do last longer and are darker, but look far less natural. I personally am strongly against tanning beds, they are costly, dangerous, and not nearly as fun as just being active outside or going to the beach.

try getting it up a few times (jack off but don't finish) and when you go to have sex it wont last as long b/c your already WAY ready to burst

god what a goldmine of sarcastic oppertunities. something tells me you're not 18...cant quite put my finger on it though *rolls eyes* OMG A LAPPY!?!?!?! MAKE SURE U USE PROTECTION!!!! WTF!?!?! HE GOT AN ERECTION!?!??!?! well there is no way it was from kissing you. he probably just gets them randomly for no reason. there is something wrong with a guy he runs away from a girl he is making out with because he has an erection. hhahaha ok im done

a lot more foreplay and maybe a massage(at least the whole sexual experience would last longer) tease her (can't go into details, people would report me) slow down, for a while at least think about something else to keep yourself from getting too excited and afterward, cuddle, kiss whatever (it would make the whole experience even longer and might lead to more)

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