I Want A Way To Last Longer In Bed

Im 18 and now i cant last long anymore. Why is that? when i was a teenager i used to last a hour or 2 but now its different i just come like in 5-10 mins. Can anyone help me or tell me whats the problem.

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Don't smoke and exercise three times a week with some cardio to keep your cardiovascular system top notch. If you have no other major health issues this is the best recipe for a rock hard erection. I know that myself, I can't seem to last as long doggy style, so switch it up to a position where you can last longer. As exercise that muscle you squeeze if you have to hold in a big piss. Do 50 squeezes a day and hold it for varying times. Have fun.

Been married for 19 years and have to say sex is definitely more satisfying now than it used to be. I used to want to "do it all night"...why, I'll never know, since most times I'd have a hard time walking the next day...over the years though I have actually come to enjoy the foreplay. If you count that, the whole act might last an hour. We switch it up in between, too, so total added up minutes of actual penetration might be 10-15 minutes??? Who knows, who cares??? To me, its QUALITY OVER QUANTITY! If both partners are into satisfying each other, its ALL good! Ok, we might not do it in crazy places a lot anymore or play roll games and all that, but I would never say that its not exciting as everyone thinks it is. What's exciting to me may be lame to someone else and vice versa, so who is to say? As long as the couple is happy, that's all that counts!

Only getting older and having more experience. You don't want to peak at 15, trust me. You will get better with time. Please remember to wrap it up every time too. LB

well...when your getting close to climax.....stop effing her and switch positions...that way u hold back and can continue the fun if that doesnt work id advise on seeing a counsellor or doctor

Have him masturbate about 1 hour before you have sex. Then the first quick load is over and he should be able to last longer than 3-5mins. My guy on the second round goes for as long as I need him to because I control all the moves and rhythm by slowing down or not moving at all until he is back in control. When I want him to come I have him give it to me doggie style and I talk dirty to him big time and in a few minutes he blows his load. It's called "a womans power in bed" and if you know how to use that POWER then you will always have a very satisfying sex life!!!!!

that was fascinating.... and i hate to admit that i read all of it.... "coca-cola was originally green" was there twice... interesting though!! :p

Wow that is a touchy subject. I kinda knew that my mom was "friends" with this one guy but I never put two and two together like you did. I never said anything to my dad about this and it later back fired on me because my dad would say you knew this was happening and you didn't tell me. But you at least are giving her clues. I kinda think you should kinda keep out jsut because that will open a huge bomb. Or print all those pics and give them to her if your truly dony your family to keep going on like that. Sorry Good luck

Get him drunk. Comical, strange, creepy, aggressive, whatever he's like in bed, there is without a doubt stamina is increased whilst drunk sex.

I would like to think I've given it a good try - but I'm hopeless at refusing sex when the girl comes on to me, so probably not!

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