Mature Married Menwomen My Husband Amp I Got Into A Big Fight Monday Night I Had Good Reasons For Being Mad

What can a man do to last long without ejaculating quickly?

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1. Go slower 2. Mix actual intercourse with foreplay. 3. Stop right before you are about to climax, until you are ready to release 4. Take your time

That stuff won't improve your sexual experience at all. You might need to go to a doctor who's great in that area for better improvement.

if u want him to last longer tell him to jerk off ahead of time then wait like 20 minutes, then wen ur gettin into to it itll take him longer

Some guys just have different stamina. If you feel like this guy finishes too quickly, either encourage him to give you lots of foreplay, or take breaks, or you could just go 2 times (although this is often more difficult for older men). You have to develop new sex habits when you get a new partner- figuring this out can be fun or frustrating depending on your attitude!

Based on my personal experience, I would say its perfectly normal if you finish in 3 to 5 minutes. Normally, what i have noticed is when u do it for the first time, it ejacuates within 5 minutes, and then when erection happens again and u start last longer.. My tension free. The more you stress the less you would be able to perform. Chill and enjoy. There is no fix time of how long one would last. It depends on excitement and eagerness.

You should of married me. I last for hours all night long. Just J/K. Actually, you need to tell him in advance......."Honey, can we go 2 or 3 rounds tonight?"......"I need for you to go more than once tonight"........Tell him this in advance and he will understand and make preparations for this!!! Trust me on this!!! I repeat! Tell him in advance straight on, so that he can get all sike up for tonight! Drill this in his head! "Honey, I need for you to go more than once for tonight-okay!" . Once his mind is tune, he should be able to perform, your hearts desire. GL

Maybe He Realizing He Made A Mistake By Not Choosing You, The Woman He Went Out On A Date With Probably Lost Interest In Him And Trying To Get Back Good With You

first things first, youre going to have to be able to talk to him openly about it. yeah its akward and a definate blow to his ego, but you can mix some complements in there to balance it out. once youve done that you can get him on board with making it better. theres a couple ways...ask him to masturbate before you get together. not literally RIGHT before (or else he wont even get up), but that morning or something...guys always last longer with girl dominant posititons too (you on top) could try wearing two condoms to desensitize him, people say this is bad because you risk tearing the condom, but this will not happen if youre using a quality rubber like trojan or whatever...another way to help your expireince (but not the longevity of your partners nut) is to encourage him to focus more on getting you off with foreplay (oral, manual,etc) ...other than that, all you can do is practice practice practice ;)

Its not more of your or more of sex.. You have to put in the foreplay..Woman need to be "going" far sooner than men do to reach their orgasm. One of my favorite tools, is a soundtrack of heavy thunder and lightening storms playing in the background, pitch black bedroom no lights, and some good pair of forcefull hands pulling, tugging and pushing me around the bedroom to meet the speed of the music playing.

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