I Am 20 Years Old And Used To Masturbate Regular

...and make it more interesting? My boyfriend and I have been going out for two months, and I feel like it's not going anywhere. We've kissed, and yes, I want to make out with him sooner or later, but other than that, what can we do besides just him walking me to class everyday, talking about the usual stuff, etc. I miss those days when we'd still flirt and he'd send me cute texts. Now that we already have each other, we're not making progress. Any tips? Thanks!!

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this is crazy. i have never heard anything like this. usually, the guy can only cum once and then he is the one that is soar and can't continue. and the girl can usually keep going after she finishes. well i guess all you can do about it is tell her that you want it to last longer. you can't keep her from finishing unless she knows that you want her to hold it in so sex can last longer. just sit down and tell her, but do it nicely and make sure you tell her that although you enjoy it, you would like it to last longer. don't leave out that you enjoy it, or she might think that you don't like it and she might feel bad :/ i hope everything works out! :] good luck!

Experience does not equate to being able to last longer. Just relax and don't get overly excited. Foreplay before and during intercourse can help to distract yourself from worrying about it or getting too sexually excited. You can also use the time to communicate what both of you like or feel about each other. Sex is not all about lust but also love and attraction for each other. Don't worry how long you will last. It's the quality of the love making that counts. Even if you can last an hour but cannot satisfy your sex partner, what's the use? Concentrate on giving the pleasure than receiving. That'll definitely be the optimum for sexual satisfaction and pleasuring for each other. BTW, I'm not sure if it's legal for your age in your country to have sex but please do practice safe sex. May Venus be with you! Have fun...!

Nail his feet to the floor, lock the door and hide the key in the dark. He has to stay then. If, being serious here, if he isn't seeing things from your point of view, then you are not going to get anything by way of a meaningful relationship, are you! If he is a short stayer and isn't interested in resolving with / for you what is an 'issue' for you (and it's also one FOR him as you are are supposed to be IN A Relationship - to-gether !), then there is nothing that you can do ~ alone. And the likelihood is that 'nothing will change'. If on the other hand he is interested in dealing with this and that his problem is 'premature ejaculation', then you encourage him to ejaculate first, and then go back to the beginning and start again ....with foreplay etc. There is a technique where you apply pressure with your thumb and forefinger below the head of the shaft of the penis, and that stops the ejaculation. Another is where you place the base of you hand at the base of his penis and the 'flat of your hand' along the length, and using gentle pressure, you lever downwards (gently) with your fingers. This will lessen the strength of the erection and ease off the desire for ejaculation. After that, you go back to The Start and begin again. I hope this helps. Sash.

I can last a long or short time,i try to please my girl as much as possible,maybe he wants to do the same thing. Maybe he lasts a long time because he may masturbates a lot, i masturbate a lot,or it could be mental with him also that his why he lasts a long time. I like to be talked dirty to also, i like when she talks dirty to me in my ear and tells me to bust a nut ,maybe you should try that most guys like to hear that.He should be able to nut though without being talked dirty to. Ask him he finds you attractive mentally or physically,tell to be honest with you, ask him what all turns him on. But maybe he is just one of those that will always last a long time,but isnt that better than a 2 minute man.

You have to talk to him about it and see if he would be comfortable about it first.. If you just suddenly tell him to bite you or something weird he'll freak out and get really uncomfortable, ruining the whole mood. Just maybe try surprising him by getting on top of him while he's lying down or watching tv or something

There is absolutely nothing wrong with a four year old getting in to bed with his parents. It is quite normal for a young child to go through a phase of sexual curiosity, it normally goes away as quick as it comes. The fact that the boys dad no longer wants him in bed with you rather suggests that dad feels uncomfortable and that might well be the real problem. You should not feel uncomfortable about bodies in front of a child so young and if you do the child will likely pick up on it and wonder what the fuss is about and therefore become even more curious.

I would love to try to help, but all those caps and cluttered together I am sorry I can't. Re-post in normal type and I will give it a go...

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