Can Smoking While Recovering From A Cold Make It Last Longer

Do you know what should I do to make my girl friend orgasms? stay away from PE...

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do a thing that i like to call edging. its when your about to ejaculate you stop and get a little soft then start up again. you dont ejaculate quicker and it makes it more pleasurable when you do ejaculate. email me at if you need anything else.

I don't think age has anything to do with it, but maturity and passion for life do. I have been dating a man 15 years my senior for a while now and I have not one complaint. the time and effort he takes to take care of my needs (and it is a mutual thing, don't think I let him do all the work!) lets me know how much he loves and desires me...but you can't base a relationship solely on that. you may have a sexual-physical connection but what about emotional, mental, all of the above? if you want to marry this person because the sex is good, you need to rethink your priorities and what REALLY matters to you...doesn't seem much like he does.

Every other weekend means 26 weekends in a year. You can ask for a change that the number of weekends will be 26 and scheduled by mutual agreement. You also need to establish how certain holidays will be dealt with (i.e., Christmas, Thanksgiving, birthdays, etc.). You can alternate the holidays; one year you get Halloween, Thanksgiving, he gets Christmas and the child's birthday. the next year you switch. Maintain a log of visitations. When he starts making excuses and stops showing up, then you go back and get the visitation adjusted again. Don't go below 5% timeshare or you'll lose out on certain entitlements. YES - by all means insist that the father have a room with exclusive use when his son visits. If dad gives up his bed, that's okay. But couch surfing is out of the question. YES - change it so that you are the only one making medical decisions. He's putting a financial burden on you by not paying his ordered child support and he hasn't demonstrated enough responsibility to share in this decision. Making fair transportation arrangements, a room and bed for his son, and paying child support would have shown some kind of responsible behavior on his part. That means while he has visitation he must contact you for medical decisions outside of life-and-death emergencies. Insist that the father be responsible for 50% of all medical expenses for your child. I'm assuming you're providing medical insurance for your child, so he can at least pay for half of all co-pays. In as much he's been avoiding paying child support he probably won't pay this either. But you need to include it. Who knows, he may come into an inheritance, win the lottery, or get his act together. Insist on being able to get life insurance on the father where your son is the beneficiary. Your son should be able to get something from his father besides his DNA. Visitation needs to be changed to where he provides suitable (meaning safe) transportation for pick up and you will go collect your son when the visitation is done. If he doesn't show up with in a reasonable time (up to 30 minutes late), or without prior arrangements, then he forfeits his visitation for the weekend. This will prevent him from taking advantage of you and making you pay for all the transportation costs. Get a wage assignment (garnishment). Include a payment plan for the money in arrears. BTW- in California, arrears are subject to 10% interest annually. Some other states impose the same kind of policy. Make certain you get to use the tax deduction every year, not every other year. You have your son with you more that 50% of the time, so you're entitlled to the tax deduction every year. Don't worry if he moves to another state. The Federal government provides funding to all states for child care programs and in return the states have agreed to cooperate with each other in enforcing child support collections (this also applies to alimony payments). Enforcement is taken from the state where the court order originated. Deadbeat dads can no longer run to a state where the courts use to change the orders of another state to the deadbeat dad's benefit. You said the father is a deadbeat, yet you have allowed concessions that reinforce his bad behavior. Don't let this be an example to your son. Stand firm and force the father to be fair. You have been more than nice and generous and it needs to stop. He needs to grow up and be more mature than your 5 year old son.

need 2 learn stop n go will b fine, as long as u satisfy ur gf , its fine. dont worry much or else will not get an erection also., so just relax. regards, raj

try to go back to sleep without thinking of him just dont fully wake up and if your not trying to make it happen it will happen thinking about it will only give you a dream about something that has to do with it with out you knowing that its related

For sake of joking it is O.K. But in reality both can be better talented. Man may postpone puchasing when cost is more and woman may puchase just due to low price.Woman starts worrying about future after marriage but man forgets worries when he gets a wife.Successful man and woman are those who are worried about source of income.To be happy, man and woman must love and understand each other. Man and woman both feel, equally tired/gay after night. Man and woman have to change after marriage as they have to change from passion/emotion to matured love.Successful married man loves to live very long with all pains.Married man overlooks his and her mistakes if present is happy. Some men have last word and some women have last word.And the other party doesnot mind it.

well i have been cheated on twice too. and i left the guy. and then later i found out that he cheated on another girl that he was with. so i say once a cheater always a cheater. if i were you i would leave him. even though you love him and i know it would be hard to leave him. but i think it would be the best thing for you and your two kids.

I just read your last question. When you say HELP ME BEFORE I LET HIM GO,how can you not think that's exactly what you mean. Sounds like the guilt from peoples comments just got to you.

Decreased sensitivity. Try the good old stop and start? Or maybe just slow down a bit until you dont need to cum. And there are Kegel exercises! Look them up.

This has been the problem faced by many ,becoz women take a longer time.Hence u will have to resort to foreplay n bring the woman to the brink of it n then go inside.While doing so,ask ur woman to take the top position n when she takes control,chances r that she will b satisfied.

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