I Really Feel As If She Is My True Love

okay the thing is, when me and my gf first hooked up when we would have sex, i would last for.. 20-15 minutes that was average, and now im like.. 2 -3 minutes? anyone know whats wrong with me? any one have advice on how to last longer, i feel if i dont' regain my "stamina" shes gunna cheat on me.. so any advice at all to make myself last longer or if anyone knows what happened comments and advice would be apreicated

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the flowers that last the longest in my house are carnations. i never add the the plant food and change the water about once a week.

well it could be that his too horny... there sum guys that when there too horny and they com fast and not alot of guys that could go for second round.. and no i never had it i always last the time i want ive got to control it :-) but u could try is go for a wail then stop and then go again

if you want more foreplay, tell him. when he reaches for the condom stop him and say im not ready yet. try straddling him and showing him how you like to be touched. Another thing, trojan makes climax control condoms with a lube thats on the inside so that your man will last longer and you can enjoy yourself :)

Eat a well balanced diet , and sleep well those are the keys , and remember if you haven't had sex for a while , most probably you will have little chance to stay long , so you know what to do now!!

Try to do it in different positions and don't stay in one to long. The time it takes to change positions will slow down your time bomb. Also, I think it's different for each guy but there are certain positions that will give her pleasure, but will give you minimal pleasure. Try and find which position that is for you and stick to that one a little longer. For me I do the reverse, there are a couple of positions that if we get into it is all over for me,so I stay away from them at the beginning and when I am ready then I go to them so I can blast off!

not sure. i have heard some of them, but not all. I had no idea about willard scott. learn something new every day!

First, be in a relationship first, that's open enough to talk about your fears. And no, you won't last more than a few seconds your first time. No guy does, EVER! You're perfectly NORMAL! In fact, it takes a lot of practice to get to where you can control it, and that's ok! Again, be in a relationship, and discuss this with her so that your mind is at ease before you make love.

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