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My boyfriend hasn't had too much experience before me. We have sex enough for me to tell that. He cums within 2-3 minutes. It's really stressful for me to see him go that fast. Not just the first time. Even after he's came 4 times and we go at it again, he still lasts no longer than 5 minutes. What, besides viagra, can we do to make it better? I'm desperate. I feel so unsatisfied after sex with him.

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It's fine to give Calpol for teething when he needs it, you'll probably find that he doesn't need it every day but even if he did it's fine. I followed the advice on the bottle to consult a doctor and my GP told me that it really only applies to Calpol being given for a fever or unexplained pain to make sure people take their child to the doctor to get it checked out. Teething pain isn't an unexplained pain so it's okay. My son is cutting his back teeth at the minute and there have been some nights where he's been in so much pain that he's had 5ml of Calpol and then two hours later 5ml of Nurofen For Kids (they don't counteract each other so it's fine to space them that way). It's not good to give medicine all of the time for the slightest little thing, but honestly it's the best thing for teething pain. Teething rings and powders and cold flannels and everything are okay for when it's mild but when they're teething hard to the point that they're crying in pain and can't sleep then Calpol does the job of stopping the pains.. Calpol isn't poison. One of my friends nagged me for weeks about me giving my son Calpol and how it was unnatural and wrong, but I'd rather give my son Calpol or Nurofen than see him in pain.

not really. when ur in bed the only way you can last long is if you think about something nasty and try not to give in to quick

Dont know about making it longer, but if you uhm...make yourself..uh you know...(masturbate)... BEFORE you go see your girl than you should last longer the 2nd or 3rd or 4th times! Good luck..maybe you should get her a toy and learn to use your tongue too.

Think about sports or Rosie O'Donnell. Seriously, it's a psychological issue. You're much too focused on the sexual act and your own sexual pleasures. Concentrate on your partner's pleasures and how you're making her/him feel. But again, you can seriously think of anything besides the sex and you'll noticed the difference. Thus, this proves the psychological issue and can be controlled with practice.

Multiple male involves cutting off the ejaculation while orgasming..this allows you to keep your erection and to go on indefinitely, or until your next orgasm, where you repeat the process and continue on. Not an easy technique, and there are a few things you have to bear in mind while you do it. You can find guides online on how to do it, but they usually don't cover all of the steps necessarry to be able to do it without failure. Best guide I've found is the one on

spend a lot of time setting a romantic scene, lots of foreplay before hand... hey if u cum that quick go twice!! - girls love that ;)

I think your confused, smoking can cause a man not to get it up, but that is after years and years of smoking, and in that case you wouldn't be getting any sex. Barring that the only way smoking could affect his sex drive is if he stops for a cigarette break in the middle of it, or is so winded he can't continue (in that case hop on top and do the work for him). Since you just started seeing him I wouldn't try to tell him to do anything. If some guy I just started to see tried to tell me to quit I would tell him to lick the dogs arse. However you could tell him you don't like the fact he smokes, but don't expect him to throw the pack away. P.S as a smoker i would not buy him nicoderm as gift, it would be insulting and make me mad. Most people hate to be nagged about thier bad habits, and it would make you seem pushy

Sounds like a very bad experience which i´m sure it was, but as the above answers have said, he was inexperienced and just blasted his way through the act, not your fault at all so relax and it will all work out in the end. Good luck.

If you have a local "novelty store" in your area, they usually carry products that are all natural that can help you. You can get a pill and the store I work at also carries a type of cream. My husband tried the pill and it did work. There is also a ring that you can buy that will make you last longer as well.

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