Boyfriend Canamp39t Last Long In Bed Please Help

I am unhappy with my sexual drive and I want to please me woman.

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um...if he brags then the attitude itself turns me off. if you were just grinding idk. not normal compared to other guys...ill tell you that for sure.

You should take it slower. Smoking doesnt really have anything to do with how long he lasts in bed.......however......drinking will. You should just talk to him.......and see how that works out

alot of females are turned off from un-circumcised penis because they are never clean, all that residue of urine/sweat/semen builds up between the skins

You've got some good tips already kegel exercises, pulling out and doing something else etc...Also try actually using condoms. My husband always last longer with them than without. Makes sense, the vagina was made to feel good to a penis, with a condom you're blocking some of that. It's also an extra form of birth control because the pill isn't 100% effective. Also try masturbating the night or morning before you know you're going to have sex.

Society has been patriarchal for hundreds of theology professor brought up how things used to be matriarchal when everyone was indigenous because they were the ones bearing the children...but when society began to develop, people started caring about who owned what (including land) and somehow men got control of that and everything else.

Right before you start having sex, just mess around, make him ejaculate, and he'll last alot longer. Just try to be careful right after he ejaculates because he could be sensative. Just keep things heated :)

get really bad in bed? ugly it up a bit? say horribly disgusting things during sex? ....kidding! maybe you're doing too much foreplay(i know, is there such a thing?!) but truly, there is. if you get someone too excited before hand, its not gonna last long.

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Boyfriend Canamp39t Last Long In Bed Please Help

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