How Long Will It Take Before Ill Last Longer Than 3 Min In Bed

Okay, so I am girl who is dating this guy, he is super attractive, seems only slightly like a loner, had a long term relationship recently ended, but not attached to the chick anymore...but maybe just sexually had grown used to her. ANYWAYS....He tells me I am beautiful all the time, I have never had one complaint about any men in bed and usually men have a hard time lasting.....BUT this guy can last for a couple of hours, has a hard time maintaining an erectio the whole time and then can NEVER cum while having sex but needs some rough complicated one hour BJ to finish or has to handle it himself. PS: I know what you would normally be thinkg is that I am not handling something right, but believe I have had more experience than my share and never had an issue with men before like this (again lots of men).....His penish HUGE, like 10 inches....could it be a blood flow problem, he is also not circumsized.....and he is super sensitive when I ask him what he wants, because i like everything and want make him feel good, he gets defensive and his only explanation is he likes to be talked dirty too (which i think was an excuse, because i did that and he still has the issue)......he still however despite his issue wants to have sex 3 times a night, which means its 5 hours a day of complicated, unsatisfactory, odd and unusual sex.....what is going on in this guys head or ding dong! hes 26, shouldnt have a health issue. canty keep his hands off me, but cant seem to finish off unless its with his hand ;( yeh, i am a super sexual person and love pleasing my partner more than anything, I am used to being the "fantasy girl stereotype" in the bedroom....If it werent for the great sexual experiences i have always had before my ego would be squashed ;(

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Lasting longer really just takes practice however for the short term I suggest masturbating before hand. This will help empty you right off the bat and thus will take you longer to finish.

He isnt spending enough time in foreplay. He is only thinking of himself and how good it feels. That is evident when you say he goes really fast, the feeling is so intense when you go fast, there is no way you can last a long time. He should concentrate more on you, with kissing, using his hands, and fingers, and his tongue. Giving you one or two orgasms before he gets his is the way to go. Then if you both want more, you can do it again. I cant think of the title of the song, but Snoop Dogg sings about the girl getting hers before he gets his. Play that song for him.....

Are you using protection, maybe get a thicker condom, less sensitive. Is he only lasting 5 mins because he is exhausted or because he is finishing to quick? Make foreplay last longer.

Prior to intercourse, masturbate ~ either alone or with a 'friend'. This can help you as you'll have released tensions, and help you through having to regroup your resources (as it were). If you are not planning on using any contraception, then you might like to consider where you are both going to live in about 10 months time and whether you can afford a 2nd bedroom and all of the paraphernalia that can be the cost to you for your moment or two of blissful pleasure! I wonder what she says and thinks about this!! Good luck, to you all. Sash.

Unfortunately when men masturbate they often end up "training" themselves to ejaculate in shorter amounts of time. The best way is to un-train yourself and try to masturbate without letting up much and practice holding off orgasm as long as you can. And also, no pills that i know of work, but some desensitizing condoms can help.

If yu Suck his d*** during Oral.. Then try using hot water or even ice.. in your mouth placing only the tip of his penis in your mouth along with the hot water/ ice and sucking hard while slowly drinking or spitting little of the water out at a time...

I can't figure it out. My instincts say that this is very...very common, but my head says FAKE. I'll just not try anymore.

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