Ladies Or Men I Want Your Opinion On My Boyfriend

How to last longer during intercourse ??

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Me and my boyfriend have the same problem or used too.We just kept going at it and made him hold it longer then normal each time. ;). I love him. When before he lasted only for 5 hours, he now lasts for 9 hours. Now we have a problem with me having an orgasm to soon because we had so much 'practice' he knows all my sweet spots. As they say "The more you practice the better you get, try and try again" Also when you are about to have an orgasm press your thumb on the tip till you have that feeling gone then go for it again, though when you get that orgasm feeling the 3rd time go ahead and orgasm and rest with your girl for 5min then go back at it.

there is no biological reason why this would work. he would only do his bladder damage. the best way to last longer in bed is to use condoms and to change positions through the session

A prolonged erection is a serious medical issue and you should be heading to your urologists office about now. Look up the word "priapism". Then go kick your friends a** for allowing you to drink this poison that very well ruined you sex life. FOREVER!!

Ewww dude that's gross. You committed statutory rape and should be on the sex offender list! You're fucking 50 dude! She could be your daughter that's gross! I don't think Jesus would approve of raping a 15 year old girl BTW

you can try many different things....first, if you wanna get her off first, try putting your penis in her clit area by running it up and down her whole vagina (no penetration)...she will like that... apply enough pressure though....oral sex is great too.....what my husband and i aways do is constantly change up what we are doing, alternate between oral sex,regular sex,and rubbing her clit with your penis.... keep it interesting, but stop as soon as you feel like you, or she is going to get off .....until you are both ready for mercy!!!

when me and my man tried to figure that out.. we found out that not going fast lasts longer so does girl on top and theres male enhancment pills sold otc in the condoms section of walmart theres lots you can do bout it

When you're masturbating (if you do) try going as far as you can without ejaculating, and then come back off of it, and repeat.

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Ladies Or Men I Want Your Opinion On My Boyfriend

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